Missouri Installment Loans

Maximum Loan Amounts

You may qualify for a loan up to $1500. You qualify for an installment amount based primarily on your current income.. If you repay your loan early or as scheduled you may be eligible for a larger loan amount the next time you need to borrow.

Loan Terms

Generally, your loan payments will be scheduled around your paydays: weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly. The Minimum Payment will be based on the number of installments within a 18 month period as dictated by your pay cycle.

Interest Rate

Like most installment loans the interest is amortized across the life of the loan such that early payments are weighted more heavily toward interest, while the proportion of each installment that goes toward principal repayment increases with each successive payment. To reduce the cost of credit charged DollarFlash recommends you repay your loan in full early, rather than simply making your regularly scheduled minimum payments.